Love Me, Love Meat



INGREDIENTS: water, mechanically separated PORK meat, PORK fat, PORK skins, modified starch, salt, flavours, STABILIZERS: diphosphate, FLAVOUR ENHANCERS: E635, monosodium glutamate, ANTIOXIDANT: sodium ascorbate, PRESERVATIVE: sodium nitrite.

We love our pigs and you will too


Michael Croft 2017

Love Meat: Tin of ham | Michael Croft | art |
The creative process
Love Meat: Temporary Tattoo on Pig Skin | Michael Croft | art |
Hackney Farm | Love Meat: Tin of ham | Michael Croft | art |
Love Meat: Tin of Ham | H: 15cm W: 11cm D: 4cm . 2017. Michael Croft
Love Meat: Serving Suggestion
Serving Suggestion Michael Croft