Michael Croft
First sketch
Driving on tedious missions and journeys through the East End of London, I play Happy Chicken with my son; looking out for chicken joint graphics, 3 points for a smiley chicken, 12pts for a sad one. Most chickens are happy.

Back to the farm.

Chick drawing. Michael Croft.
Chick. Pencil drawing.
Chicken head drawing. Michael Croft.
Chicken head. Pencil drawing.
Colour computer chick sketch. Michael Croft.
Chick. Computer sketch. (Later changed to raw meat.)
Chicken computer sketch.
Chicken. Computer sketch.
Lamb head pencil drawing. Michael Croft.
Sheep head. Pencil drawing.
Joyous heart. Pencil drawing.
Joyous Heart. Pencil drawing.
Sheep painting sketch. Pencil drawing. Michael Croft.
Sheep. Pencil drawing.
Pig. Pencil drawing.
Computer sketch of pig painting. Michael Croft.
Pig. Computer sketch.
Sketch for Pig painting. Michael Croft.
Pig. Pencil drawing.